These little yawls are bound to turn heads in any harbor into which they venture. The split rig ia a pleasure when sailing her. And, the mizzen will help hold her steadily head to wind in an anchorage and make her easier to balance for self-steering.

The 18' Canoe Yawl is laid out to sleep two in V-berths which can also be converted into a large double if the crew desires a more cozy arrangement. A head, stove, inboard power, long straight ballast keel, self-draining cockpit and split rig make this a true cruising vessel—pocket sized!

The 18-footer is available with the 17' Catboat's or 20' Gaff Sloop's rigs as options. Also, the 22' Knockabout's rig could be used on her. There is also a small fish hold version, which was used on Iota, one of the first 18-footers built. She sailed from Seattle to Alaska and back, serving as home for her crew for over a year—including wintering aboard in Alaska.

The attractive 23' big sister to the 18' Canoe Yawl should prove of appeal to canoe-stern enthusiasts. With 6'-2" headroom in her cabin, she's comfortable for longer voyages, and affords a surprising amount of accommodations in just 23 feet of length. A large single (or small double) berth to port and single berth to starboard foot beneath the cockpit, with their forward ends making comfortable lounging seats next to the ice box and sink to starboard and counter & wood range to port. Forward there are two V-berths with bookshelves outboard and head between, or a double berth to one side. A large stowage area in the lazarette is representative of the accommodating amount of stowage space in the rest of the vessel. This vessel has been optionally gaff cutter rigged, using the gaff cutter Sail Plan from the 25' Gaff Sloop or Marconi Cutter rigged using the rig from the 27' Cutter.

Table 1: Boat Specifications
Particulars: 18' 23'
Length overall18'-0"5.49 m23'-0"7.01 m
Length designed waterline16'-0"4.88 m21'-0"6.40 m
Beam7'-0"2.13 m8'-9"2.67 m
Draft3'-0"0.314'-0"1.22 m
Freeboard: Forward3'-6"1.07 m3'-3"0.99 m
Least2'-0.5"0.62 m2'-2.5"0.67 m
Aft2'-6"0.76 m2'-9.25"0.84 m
Displacement*, cruising trim.4,200 lbs.1,905 kg.8,940 lbs.4,055 kg.
Displacement-length ratio458431
Ballast, pounds4,200 lbs.680 kg.2,400 lbs.1,089 kg.
Ballast ratio36%27%
Sail area233 sq. ft.21.65 m2450 sq. ft.41.81 m2
Sail area-displacement ratio14.3216.72
Pounds per inch immersion38268.22 kg./cm592105.7 kg./cm
Entrance half-angle27 degrees23 degrees
Water tankage10 Gals.38 liters15 Gals.57 liters
Fuel tankage6 Gals.23 liters15 Gals.57 liters
Headroom4'-9" to 5'-0"1.45-1.52 m6'-2"1.88 m
*CAUTION: The figure for displacement quoted here is for the boat in cruising trim. That is, with the fuel and water tanks filled, the crew on board, as well as the crews' gear and stores in the lockers. This should not be confused with the "shipping weight" often quoted as "displacement" by some manufacturers. This should be taken into account when comparing figure and ratios between this and other designs.


18 Canoe Yawl austr

18 Iota black white

23 Canoe Yawl Plum Duff ab

18 Iota on Puget Sound

23 Canoe Yawl Plum Duff

18 Canoe Yawl launch

Iota Sunrise Seattl

23 Canoe Yawl Plum Duff an