26' Raised Deck Cutter

Design Number 274

Created several years after we did the 23' Raised Deck Knockabout, Sourdough, this bigger version has more room and greater seagoing ability. The twin keels and centerline skeg and rudder provide three-point grounding ability, for drying out sitting upright, making exploring the shallows more fun.

Construction is plywood over fir framing, glued and sealed with epoxies, for simple and rugged construction, which can be quickly accomplished. She has a small diesel for those times when there's no wind or you want to motorsail.

This design is capable of doing the same sort of voyaging as the 34' Sailing Dory Badger. She has comfortable accommodations for a couple to cruise aboard. What she won't have is the sort of extended stores and long-term supplies carrying ability that makes the larger Badger work so well. She was designed with full foam flotation, intending to be the sort of boat that would float even if filled with water. The concern with this for a voyager is that the flotation is filling a lot of valuable locker spaces, and, if I were doing one for myself, I would bypass the foam flotation in favor of having more stowage space. She will take the ground gracefully when drying out on a tidal cycle, sitting upright on her twin keels and skeg on level bottoms. This can make exploring the shallows and backwaters more relaxing, knowing you won't have to spend a tidal cycle lying well over.

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