30' Sailing Dory

Design Number 32
1967 & 2002

There are three versions of this design, the original gaff ketch version, the revised pilothouse sloop and the gaff-rigged version of the pilothouse sloop. The gaff ketch has a small aft cabin, providing separation for guests or kids. For a voyaging version, I would suggest that the interior of the Marconi sloop, with a chart table like the gaff sloop in place of the inside helm, would be the best choice. It is a slightly smaller version of what is in the 34' Badger and has similar practical separation of the spaces.

The ketch shows the lead ballast fin keel. The Marconi sloop shows the concrete and scrap-metal ballasted fin keel. The gaff sloop has a long keel and either lead or concrete and scrap-metal for ballast.

The indicated displacement is in coastal cruising use. For voyaging, I would assume that she would get loaded down a fair bit, like Badger, with the stores and supplies needed for such service. Fortunately, these dories take this loading gracefully, not unlike their predecessors the working dories which set out light and returned carrying tons of fish.

30 Sailing Dory Profile

30 Sailing Dory Arrt
The raised deck versions, designed with both a tombstone transom (30'-5") and the double-ender (31'-8") have junk rigs, single or double masted, available. While they might be thought of as a "Baby Badger" they are capable boats in their own right, whilst not having quite as much carrying capacity as the 34-footer. Still, they would make good voyaging and liveaboard yachts.

This simple-to-construct, no-nonsense little 30-footer will perform well. Though flat-bottomed in dory fashion, when she's heeled over, she presents a "v" to the water, and will move along at quite a good clip. She has 2,400 pounds of lead ballast in her keel, with plywood, hard chine construction over sawn frames. She has an enclosed head, functional galley & a roomy area for dining and lounging.

30 Sailing Dory Cutter Profile

30 Sailing Dory Cutter Arrt

30 Sailing Dory Ketch Profile

30 Sailing Dory Ketch Arrt

30-5 Sailing Dory Profile

30-5 Sailing Dory Arrt

31-8 Sailing Dory Profile

31-8 Sailing Dory Arrt

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