32' Sailing Dory Shoestring

Design Number 36

The 32-footer was built and named Shoestring by one of the first of her builders. We so liked the name and the thought that she could be built on the proverbial shoestring that we adopted the name for the design.

As the narrowest of these dory designs, this boat is the most sensitive to weight aloft, and care needs to be taken that her stability is not compromised, by putting too heavy a rig on her. Sail carrying power, and thus the ability to sail out of a close situation, is directly related to the stability of the boat. Anything that can be done to minimize or reduce weight aloft will aid the stability. All things being equal, transverse stability is directly related to waterline beam cubed. Thus, a beamier boat will have better ability to carry a heavier rig.

The ketch rig is shared with the 30-footer, as are the keel and general scantling drawings. An aluminum spar version of the 30-footer's sloop rig, having the least weight aloft, would be the best choice to give this boat the most stability.

A simple change in filling the berth flat all the way across the forward cabin will yield a nice double berth there, and this is an alteration that I think would be an improvement, particularly with a sloop rig that would move the mast back to the aft end of the dining table and thus not breakup the head of the new double berth.

Intended as an inexpensive cruiser for four, here is another ideal project for the amateur builder - or for the professional shop that would like to set up for plywood production on a practical basis. A slightly larger sister to the 30' Sailing Dory - and equally good at swift sailing!

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