37' Sailing Dory

Design Number 174

37-5 Sailing Dory Lug Rig Profile

37-5 Sailing Dory Lug Rig Arrt
The 37' design is a slight variation on the 36-footer, with the stem tilted slightly more forward, a raised flush deck through the middle of the boat, and a slight length gain at the stern with the extension of the sternpost. The basic keel, bottom and structure are identical, using many of the drawings done for the 36-footer in the construction plan set. The interiors are pretty much interchangeable, and some of the ideas from one can be used in the other. The trick is to be sure the masts fall in areas that do not complicate the use of the interior space and that the reinforcing for the rigging structure is put in the right place. The raised deck version would again be my recommendation, for the same reasons mentioned about Badger, primarily more space and better stability.

There are a couple more variations on the interior layout that are drawn, that are not included here, but are a part of the plans.

37-5 Sailing Dory Cutter Profile
Some alternatives to the layouts shown that would be practical would include the addition of a hard dodger or pilothouse to the forward end of the cockpit. If this was done with a version with an aft cockpit and quarter berths, the berths could be shifted aft and the pilothouse covering up this part of the accommodations. Note that the trunk cabin version has the same layout as the 36-footer, with the exception of having a double berth in the bow.

37-5 Sailing Dory Raised Deck Cutter Profile

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