8½' Dinghy

Design Number 164

This design was originally planned to have a miniature steam engine in her. Our client was in the business of building large steam engines, including some at Disney facilities and some large locomotive replicas and thought it would be fun to build a small one for himself. Ultimately, he decided to keep it simpler and just do her as a rowing or outboard powered boat.

The centerline combination seat and locker is for the small engine and/or other equipment. It makes for a neat way to keep many things secure and locked away.

This design evolved from our 8' Portland Yawlboat. She was made a couple inches deeper to be able to carry more of a load and the stem was moved about six inches forward. The net effect of this was to give her better carrying capacity, and the finer entry will make her row and sail even better in a chop.

The sail plan, rudder and daggerboard are all lifted directly from the 8' Portland Yawlboat, and the construction detailing from the 8-footer can be used for this boat as well.

Length overall8'-6"2.59 m
Length datum waterline8'-2½"2.50 m
Beam4'-0"1.22 m
Draft0'-5"/2'-6"0.13/0.76 m
Freeboard:Forward1'-7¼"0.49 m
Least0'-1"0.33 m
Aft1'-3”0.38 m
Estimated structural weight60-80 lbs.27-36 kg.
Displacement, to DWL260 lbs.118 kg.
Displacement-length ratio209 
Sail area36 sq. ft.3.34 m2
Sail area-displacement ratio14.14 
Prismatic coefficient.548 
Pounds per inch immersion100 
Entrance half-angle25° 

Note: The displacement numbers are calculated to the arbitrarily chosen DWL.
The calculated ratios of displacement-length and sail area-displacement will vary widely depending on the loading of the vessel.

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