Jay R. Benford has a lifetime of experience in the creation of custom yachts. Since 1962, Jay has been earning his way in the narrow and difficult field of custom yacht design. He’s designed boats for many uses - tug boats, fishing boats, cruising sailboats, liveaboards, and freighter yachts. And they’ve all been successful and beautiful, incorporating all the space and function his clients desire, in a unique and lovely form. More than that, they’ve almost been magical in the way they’ve met their owners’ dreams. Thousands of Benford designs have been built and sailed safely all over the world.

During this same lifetime, Jay has spent decades understanding the perfect liveaboard. He has lived on boats for many years, power and sail, passagemakers and coastal cruisers. Living aboard a boat is a delightful life, rewarded with the satisfaction of pleasant adventure, closeness with nature, the unfathomable peace of simplicity, and all the comforts of home.

The unique character and charm of a Benford design is its most obvious feature. A Benford design will never be lost in a sea of white plastic. Nor is it a boat for the reclusive - expect a lot of friendly inquiries. In the quest for speed, comfort and grace have been lost. Benford designed boats bring these qualities back…. in style. And with comfort comes seaworthiness and strength. Everything is considered in a Benford design - the state of the sea, the load onboard, the economy of cruising, and the costs of construction are all balanced one to the other to form a single unit, an environment of safety.

The Benford Design Group is dedicated to meeting the needs of those who desire the pleasing life afloat. Our experience, expertise and excellence can enrich the lives of those interested in the pleasures of the cruising lifestyle. Whether you dream of living aboard, crossing oceans or just exploring your local bays, call on us when you are ready and let us help you achieve your dreams!

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