11' Dinghy Night

Design Number 181

This dinghy was designed for a friend of ours, to serve as tender to his 33' schooner. He's a well-known marine writer with a fondness for bad puns. He wanted to write an article about building the boat, which he would entitle "Night is the Tender"....

The design concept was for a simply built marine plywood dinghy that had a traditional appearance and spritsail rig. We looked at the possibility of making the bow section removable, using the stern as a pram, and letting the two parts nest and stow in a smaller space on deck. This is certainly possible to do. However it is not shown on the drawings since we never pursued detailing it for our client.

Fred Brunhouse's nice
cold-molded 11' dinghy
ready to go sailing.
Her hull form is slender enough to be easily rowed, so she'll be a good pulling boat. This slenderness also means she's easily driven under sail, and the rig should be of generous size for her.

The daggerboard slot is off center, to allow for the large combination box and seat on centerline. The box is to function as storage for the outboard engine and the miscellaneous collection of things that you'd want to carry along. On a passage, it might have the lifeboat stores and equipment in it. Fitted with a hasp and lock, it can be a secure storage space when going ashore.

Length overall11'-0"3.35 m
Length datum waterline9'-6"2.90 m
Beam4'-0"1.22 m
Draft0'-6"/3'-0"0.15/0.91 m
Freeboard:Forward1'-9"0.53 m
Least1'-1"0.33 m
Aft1'-50.43 m
Estimated structural weight120 lbs.55 kg.
Displacement, to DWL365 lbs.166 kg.
Displacement-length ratio190 
Sail area67 sq. ft.6.22 m2
Sail area-displacement ratio21.0 
Prismatic coefficient.62 
Pounds per inch immersion125 
Entrance half-angle25 

Note: The displacement numbers are calculated to the arbitrarily chosen DWL.
The calculated ratios of displacement-length and sail area-displacement will vary widely depending on the loading of the vessel.

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