11' Dinghy

Design Number 149

When we started the design for the 11' Oregon Peapod, we had thought to design a transom stern boat, as a bigger version of the 8' Portland Yawlboat. They were both commissioned by the same builder, who wanted to have a line of dinghies to sell. However, as I got further into doing the designs, it occurred to me that we could design a double ender. I did some preliminaries of this and sent them to the clients. They liked the idea, and we went ahead with the double ender instead of the transom stern design.

Fred Brunhouse's nice
cold-molded 11' dinghy
ready to go sailing.
I saved the drawings for the transom stern version. Some time later, we finished them up for another client who built her as a dinghy for the 50-footer of our design he was building. He reports she's a delightful boat.

All the construction and rigging detailing from the Oregon Peapod would be used for building this version.

Length overall11'-0"3.35 m
Length datum waterline10'-0"3.05 m
Beam5'-0"1.52 m
Draft0'-6"/3'-0"0.15/0.91 m
Freeboard:Forward1'-9"0.53 m
Least1'-1"0.33 m
Aft1'-30.38 m
Estimated structural weight110 lbs.50 kg.
Displacement, to DWL452 lbs.205 kg.
Displacement-length ratio202 
Sail area80 sq. ft.7.43 m2
Sail area-displacement ratio21.73 
Prismatic coefficient.560 
Pounds per inch immersion144 
Entrance half-angle25 

Note: The displacement numbers are calculated to the arbitrarily chosen DWL.
The calculated ratios of displacement-length and sail area-displacement will vary widely depending on the loading of the vessel.

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